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New York City Phon-a-Thon

Building the Independent-to-Independent Connection

During the Phon-a-Thon weekend of September 15th and 16th, forty-two independent-minded volunteers got on the telephones at the Manhattan headquarters of CUIP.
Volunteers called independent voters in New York City, Florida, New Hampshire, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts and South Carolina. 
The callers conducted a poll with the independents, talking with them about what it means to be an independent voter, how independents view the presidential candidates and inviting them to participate further in a variety of events and activities.
Ninety six independents were polled. The popular Phon-a-thons are held monthly.
Volunteer Coordinator Harriet Hoffman reports, "Independents talking with other independents is a powerful tool for building the independent political movement at the grassroots. When I ask the volunteer pollers what their experience was of reaching out and doing this new activity they describe it as 'Interesting,' 'Exciting,' 'Fun,' 'Scary,' 'Important,' and 'Powerful.'
If you like to learn more about volunteering at an upcoming Phon-a-Thon just check the volunteer box on our sign up form!

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