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The Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP) is a
non-profit organization.

Contributions are not
tax deductible.

Support CUIP's efforts to build an independent movement to reform American democracy.

Journalists and opinion-makers agree: Americans want independent political alternatives. Translating the potential into reality is where you come in.

As a donor, you are investing in the independent movement for political reform. We'll keep you abreast of the movement's growth and development via Talk/Talk, monthly newsletters, updates and invites to conference calls and local events.

Thank you for your support.

Can Independents Reform America? DVD $5.95 
Leader $2,500


Democracy Partner


Patron  $500 


Friend   $250  


Sponsor   $100  


Supporter   $40  


Membership   $10







I'm a donor because I refuse to be labeled and patronized by the ruling parties. The time is here for Independents to assist in the evolution of the two party system to something that resembles what people really want from their politicians.

Margarita Garcia
Los Angeles, CA

There are a lot of organizations out there promising political change. CUIP is the only one that delivers on the promise.

David Ellis
Portland, OR.

I give to CUIP because it is time for a change in the two party system.

Ron Wappler
South Freeport, ME

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